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Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 3 Pack
Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 3 Pack
Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 3 Pack

Grippo's BBQ Beef Jerky 3 Pack

Pap’s Grippo's BBQ Beef Jerky is a Cincinnati treat and has been for over 100 years now! In fact, you can walk into almost any c-store or supermarket in Cincinnati and find a variety of snacks by Paps! In fact, Gippos makes chips, pretzels, popcorn, sauce, cheese nibs, and of course, BBQ Beef Jerky! Which, just so happens to be one of Grippos best-sellers, ours too! So if you’re seeking genuine Beef Jerky that’s perfectly seasoned, moist, and rich in flavor, then search no further than our 3-pack bundle of Grippo's BBQ Beef Jerky! Each pack comes loaded with 3.25 ounces of premium-cut Jerky! So don’t delay, go with Pap’s Cincinnati BBQ Beef Jerky today and save!

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Terry R on 04/21/2020
This jerky definitely ranks in the top 3 I’ve ever eaten! 👍👍👍👊👊👊🙏

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