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Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 6 Pack
Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 6 Pack
Grippos BBQ Beef Jerky 6 Pack

Grippo's BBQ Beef Jerky 6 Pack

If you’re looking for original BBQ Beef Jerky that’s affordable and authentic tasting, then seek no further than Pap’s Gippos! That’s right; you find this good stuff almost anywhere in the Nati, but then again, Grippo has been making delicious snacks such as BBQ Beef Jerky for several decades and they have a solid reputation in the Cincinnati tri-state area. Unfortunately, once you leave the region it gets much harder to find Grippos snacks, especially BBQ Beef Jerky! So if you’re from the Nati, but have since moved on, then you’re in luck! Indeed, CincyDirect now delivers to all 50 states, allowing you to bring home the Jerky! With this in mind, pick up our 6-pack bundle of Grippo's BBQ Beef Jerky today and save! Each pack comes loaded with 3.25 ounces of genuine, premium cuts of Beef Jerky, for an unbeatable price, load up while supplies last!

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