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Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb

These are Cincinnati's finest BBQ potato chips! A Cincinnati staple at any picnic, party, gathering, or just with your lunch or dinner. Pick up a box of these fabulous 1.5 Lb Bulk BBQ potato chips for your next event!

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William W on 09/27/2023
Arrived early! I love that you can see the work flow on the website, and I saw how fast my order was processed and shipped. I was impressed and pleased, and ridiculously happy when the box arrived on my doorstep a couple days before expected. CincyDirect.com has this figured out. I’ve ordered from them many times and they never disappoint.

Vicky P on 05/19/2023
My favorite

Sherry Y on 12/13/2022

Mike S on 11/21/2022
I’m not a BBQ fan, but my son loves these chips, so I get them for him.

Nancy S on 08/18/2022
Easy online ordering, quick delivery, fresh product. I will definitely purchase from Cincy Direct again.

Brian P on 08/07/2022
The product is great. The shipping on the other hand was dismal. It took 2 weeks to receive my package through FedEx. Way too long.

DEBBY H on 08/07/2022
I live in WA state and moved from OH several years ago. When I have that Grippos BBQ chip hankering, I'm so very pleased with the service you provide! Thank you for padding the bag with styro peanuts to keep chips from totally disintegrating in shipping . And thank you for the other items you provide for those of us missing home.

Kimberly H on 07/05/2022
awesome customer service! Package delivered in a timely manner!😁

Sandy K on 06/27/2022
Been 32 years since living in Ohio, and I missed my favorite chip. As always the taste and flavor blow you away. There’s nothing else like these on the market. I will be purchasing more. Just wished you sold them in Springfield Mo! They have a wow factor of a million!!

Lillian H on 05/19/2022
Had it shipped to Florida for my son-in-law's birthday. He loves them and they're not available there. Got there much quicker than expected. 🏝

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