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Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb

Grippo's BBQ Potato Chips 1.5lb

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Janice B on 03/14/2019

Michelle F on 04/24/2019
A taste of home!

Christopher T on 07/07/2019

Brandon G on 12/04/2019

Maurice C on 12/26/2019
It was supposed to go to my friend in Texas! Please notify me where my purchase was delivered

Joe M on 05/10/2020
There is nothing better that Grippo's BBQ chips! They will ruin all the other BBQ chips you thought you liked!

Virgil P on 05/11/2020

Carmella D on 05/25/2020
My family is originally from Cincinnati and we all grew up loving Grippos!! Even though I no longer live in Cincinnati; I still enjoy eating the one-of-a-kind chips!!!

Mikel E on 07/19/2020
It was a gift for Pastor friend of mine that grew up in Ohio. He was super surprised.

Reba R on 09/19/2020
These BBQ chips are my grandson's favorite!! He is at Texas Tech and cannot find them there! So he requested sending them to him, and was so happy receiving them!!

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