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Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk

Grippo's BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk

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LeOnna K on 08/16/2022

Joe M on 07/21/2022
Great Chips! the packaging was poor, you taped the two chip boxes together with no outer box or bubble wrap and the boxes were crushed along with most of the Chips!

mary f on 02/22/2022

Sandy H on 02/10/2022

SUSAN R on 01/25/2021
Love Grippos, sharing them with friends in Nebraska.

Paula M on 01/22/2021
My husband get’s grumpy if he doesn’t get his BBQ Grippos. You keep making them and we will definitely keep buying. Maybe we should buy stock in Grippos. I absolutely recommend.

Natola H on 01/20/2021
Everything was GREAT!

Robert B on 07/31/2020

Mandy A on 01/25/2020
My favorite chips! They just aren’t sold where I live so I have order them online. Cincydirect is only place I order them from. I definitely stock up when I see them in a store since it’s obviously cheaper than online.

Constance A B on 12/29/2019
I sent these to my bother in GA .He loved them.

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