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Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk
Grippos BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk

Grippo's BBQ 1.5oz Bag 48pk

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mary f on 02/22/2022

Sandy H on 02/10/2022

susan r on 01/25/2021
Love Grippos, sharing them with friends in Nebraska.

Paula M on 01/22/2021
My husband get’s grumpy if he doesn’t get his BBQ Grippos. You keep making them and we will definitely keep buying. Maybe we should buy stock in Grippos. I absolutely recommend.

Natola H on 01/20/2021
Everything was GREAT!

Robert B on 07/31/2020

Mandy A on 01/25/2020
My favorite chips! They just aren’t sold where I live so I have order them online. Cincydirect is only place I order them from. I definitely stock up when I see them in a store since it’s obviously cheaper than online.

Constance A B on 12/29/2019
I sent these to my bother in GA .He loved them.

Christopher G on 12/22/2019

Candice C on 12/14/2019
Great taste

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