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Grippos X Hot Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos X Hot Potato Chips 1.5lb
Grippos X Hot Potato Chips 1.5lb

Grippo's X Hot Potato Chips 1.5lb

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Self D on 08/31/2023

Mark H on 05/19/2023

DEBBY H on 07/18/2021
I thoroughly enjoy any Grippo product. This time I purchased the X-HOT BBQ chips. They did not disappoint. And Cincy Direct came up with the ingenious way to protect them in shipping to help (not eliminate) crushing: packing peanuts. May I suggest though that they should not scrimp with these. My recent order had a large gap between bag and box causing a lot more crushed chips. Very disappointing. Also note, by agreeing to free shipping, these are sent by FedEx Smart ship which caused a major delay in receiving these. Planning a picnic? Plan a month ahead sadly. I live in WA state. Missed the July 4th picnic.

Duane M on 04/28/2021
The box wasn't specifically labeled "X-Hot" as seen in the photo (it was just a regular Grippo's BBQ box). That's the only drawback that I had. Nonetheless, the chips were still very delicious and of great quality. Glad to have a taste of home!

Christopher G on 12/22/2019
I grew up Cincinnati and Grippos chips have always been my favorite food. Buying direct from Grippos is way too expensive. So Thank you, Cincy Direct as long as I can afford shipping cost I will be a faithful customer.

Keith S on 10/23/2019

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