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Grippos Pretzel Loops 3lb
Grippos Pretzel Loops 3lb
Grippos Pretzel Loops 3lb

Grippo's Pretzel Loops 3lb Box

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Nancy P on 07/24/2019
I love it —-you are the BEST !!!

Jeffrey M on 03/07/2020

Keith C on 03/07/2020
Family favorite

Lisa W on 03/26/2020
Great prices and super fast delivery!

Brenda R on 10/26/2020
Love Grippos products. Especially the Pretzel Loops. Moved to Florfound you online. T

Danny D on 02/23/2021
First time I tried these I was hooked. Not a huge fan of pretzels in general but the flavor and crunch are desirable

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