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Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix 2.25oz 12pk
Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix 2.25oz 12pk
Cincinnati Recipe Chili Mix 2.25oz 12pk

Cincinnati Recipe Mix enables cooks to make delicious chili every time. You can enjoy the chili recipe by following the directions exactly as described on the back of the Mix package. Or, you can experiment a little in developing your own unique chili by choosing different cuts of ground beef or by adding your own unique topping at the time of serving. There are lots of ways to enjoy Cincinnati Recipe Mix so let’s get cookin!

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MARILYN J B on 07/07/2022
love it

Ron B on 06/01/2022

Linda H on 04/21/2022
I lived in Cincinnati many many years ago and became seriously addicted to Skyline Chili. It is such a delight to make a pot of this chili on a cold day! Both my daughters buy this product as well. My grandson and I tease each other by sending photos of our chili every time one of us makes it. It is wonderful. Tiny bit different than Skyline, but so simple to make at an excellent price. We were so delighted to know that someone "took over" for Cincy To You! Good job!

Kitty L on 03/14/2022

Dawn W on 03/11/2022
Wonderful! It came in time for the Super Bowl. My husband is from Covington and it's nice to have a taste of home.

Karen W on 03/05/2022

Frank P on 02/25/2022
The order arrived promptly.

Sarah K on 02/21/2022
The closest thing to Skyline we can get in Maryland! Love these packets. Quick ship, great quality, two thumbs up.

Jacqueline H on 02/17/2022

Debra V on 06/15/2021
Otis exactly what I wanted

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