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Skyline Chili Oyster Crackers 8oz Box 3pk
Skyline Chili Oyster Crackers 8oz Box 3pk
Skyline Chili Oyster Crackers 8oz Box 3pk

When Nicholas Lambrinides served his first bowl of chili at that small hilltop restaurant overlooking the Cincinnati skyline in 1949, he didn't server it alone. He served it with a heaping bowl of deliciously light and crispy oyster crackers - the same crackers Skyline diners enjoy with their favorite Skyline dishes today, and the same crackers you can now enjoy at home. Serve them with your favorite Skyline entrée, with soups, salads, or any dish that calls for the great taste of Skyline original oyster crackers.

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Cody H on 12/29/2022

Chris M on 03/22/2022
I haven’t found any other comparable oyster crackers

Linda J on 03/04/2022

Billie U on 11/04/2021
I love these crackers and are unable to get them in Ft. Wayne, Indiana for now. Delivery was fast and crackers were in good shape when they arrived. This is a great place to buy things from the Cincinnati area.

John C on 04/29/2021
OK...I eat these like I'm addicted to them, alright I'm addicted to them, I guess the first step to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem and I ordered 4 boxes and only have 1 left!!

Charles C on 09/06/2020

Nancy M on 01/07/2020
What a cracker....the best

Anne D on 06/11/2019
Perfect pairing with the Skyline chili. Love it!

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