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Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 16oz 2pk
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 16oz 2pk
Frischs Original Tartar Sauce 16oz 2pk

Frisch's Original Tartar Sauce 2 - 16oz Jars


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Carolyn C on 10/04/2021

Margaret R on 09/23/2021
Great experience. Moved to Florida several years ago and had been using Amazon for my Cincinnati items. Their supplier sent dated product. So glad I found cincydirect

Susan H on 09/22/2021

Nancy A on 08/10/2021
Delicious and worth it. Expiration is 4 months out so we need to consume it. I’ll buy again.

Victor C on 07/26/2021
I’ve ordered from CD numerous times and have been happy with all of my purchases.

Paula M on 07/14/2021

Stacy J on 06/03/2021
I just love this magic sauce more than I can put into words. My mom grew up just outside of Cincinnati (Hamilton), and we would always go to Frisch's Big Boy when we went to visit my Grandma. It takes hamburgers from good to heavenly. I am SO happy to find this online from a reputable retailer. It arrived fresh and wonderful!!

Chris P on 05/17/2021
Best sauce for hamburgers in the world.

Phyllis K on 05/05/2021

Kathy H on 04/27/2021
I love the tartar sauce....however on your site it states FREE shipping but leaves one no choice at checkout to pay for the shipping (I spent 11 dollars on shipping. You either take the statement down or refund my shipping?

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